Anomalous™  (ã-nom-al-ûs)
something that deviates from
the general rule or the usual
type, an irregularity;

Uniquely located between London’s Angel Islington, Kings Cross, Clerkenwell & Old Street, Anomalous Space is a multi-use creative hub and facility situated within a converted Georgian town house.

With original Art Deco features and contemporary technology, Anomalous Space  blends the comfort of the old with the innovation of the new.

Our versatile set of spaces are available for public and private gatherings and assemblies.

Whether you need a space for meetings, presentations, away days, pop-ups, workshops, focus groups, performances, screenings, exhibitions, leisure activities, functions, shoots or for use as a film location, we can cater to your needs. We like to think outside of the box and are always open to finding ways in which we can make your ideas work.