Anomalous Space is a creative studio, event space and meeting room based in London. Our name is our mission statement…

Anomalous™  (ã-nom-al-ûs)
something that deviates from
the general rule or the usual
type, an irregularity;

Uniquely located between London’s Angel Islington, Kings Cross, Clerkenwell & Old Street, Anomalous Space is a multi-use environment situated within a converted Georgian town house. Boasting original Art Deco features and contemporary technology Anomalous Space seamlessly blends the comfort of the old with the innovation of the new.

As a versatile set of spaces we are available for hire as an event venue, studio or meeting room, catering for presentations, away days, pop-ups, workshops, film screenings, art shows, private functions or photography/film shoots. We like to think outside of the box and are always open to finding ways in which we can make your occasion work.